Hot Take: I ain’t afraid of no bros!

Brost Brosters

Outspoken meninist David Bussell shares his views on the controversial, all-women Ghostbusters reboot…

Enough with this pinko, FEMINIST, Spice Girls of a “Ghostbusters” movie. It’s time us bros stood up and reclaimed what’s ours, just like Martian Luther King did with the N word! I’m done with Hollywood thinking it’s ok to ass-blast me with its STINKING LIBERAL AGENDA!! That’s why I’m proposing an all-male Ghostbusters retool for the Maxim generation: “Bro-stbro-sters.” Get ready to be transported to your pre-raped childhood – when boys were boys and girls were as icky as they are to you as an adult for some reason. DON’T QUESTION IT. Just sit back and enjoy the ride as Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Huge Jackedman and some black guy do battle with spooks, phantoms and a comedically incongruous blowjob ghost. THE ONLY GOOD WOMAN IS A DEAD WOMAN. In Bro-stbro-sters, the lone female cast member is Tara Reid, who plays a stuck-up lady voter who is continuously slimed IN THE FACE, because we all know what that means, hur hur hur. We’ll even go the whole hog and make the villain a FULL MAN this time, not some weirdy gender bender who makes my winkie FEEL FUNNY. Let’s make this happen, bros! Together we can put the TOOL back in “retool”!!1!

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