Rebels & Runes


Hi Readers,

Today we’re letting you know about an amazing offer. The Rebels & Runes boxed set contains 23 Urban Fantasy stories, including two from our new Uncanny Kingdom range, The London Coven and Ghosted.

Here’s the blurb:

The Rebels & Runes boxed set contains an incredible 23 URBAN FANTASY STORIES, including works by NYT and USA Today bestselling authors!
Spell-binding tales of magic, malice, mayhem and madness can be found in this impressive assortment. If you enjoy stories about shape-shifting creatures, monsters, ghosts, wizards and witches, then this is the collection for you.
Grab the Rebels & Runes boxed set at a discounted price for a limited time only!

That’s right: if you order Rebels & Runes before 28 March you get the complete set for an incredible .99c! You’d basically be mental not to.


Speak soon, Readers!

Matt & David at Genre Reader

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